Happy Father’s Day

When Christmas rolls around, the spotlight settles on the infant Jesus, the virgin mother, the shepherds, the angles, and the wise men. Have you ever heard a sermon on Joseph, the husband of Mary, who fulfilled the role of human father in the early life of our Lord? In my entire library I have found only one printed sermon on him.

The Roman Catholic Church has canonized Jesus’ earthly father, and he is called St. Joseph. But Protestantism has virtually ignored him. He deserves better. He must have been a remarkable man for God to have chosen him of all the men on earth to play the role of earthly father to his Son. Let us use today as an occasion to celebrate Father’s Day to honor him and our men.

Matthew supplies most of what we know about Joseph. Royal blood coursed through his veins. He was of the lineage of David. He had a dignity and gentleness about him that reflected his family heritage. He was present when Jesus was born; he witnessed the adoration of the shepherds; He took Mary and the baby to Egypt to escape the slaughters of infants. He took Jesus to the temple at least twice. He presented him in his infancy and offered a humble sacrifice. When Jesus was twelve years of age, he took him to Jerusalem and the temple. Jesus called him father and was subject to him. Joseph was a hardworking, God-fearing man who supported his family in a rustic town disdained for its obscurity and provincialism.

Thank God, that Eastern Star has many a father with the Spirit of Joseph, many a Father that loves their children, many a Father who supports their wives. Happy Father’s Day great men of the Star. I love your actions and support.


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