Eastern Star Pastor: Pastor L. Marshall, Jr.

Deacon Ministry Leader: Darryl Pickens

Trustee Ministry Leader: Calvert Jackson

Sunday School Supt.: Rev. John Carter

Deaconess Ministry: Carol Pickens – (501) 835-6352

Business Manager: Lee A. Jeffrey

Asst. Bus. Manager: Calvert Jackson, Sr.

Finance Ministry: Marilyn Plant

Church Clerk: Deborah Robinson – (501) 580-3593

Church Historian: Lavern Jones

Ministry to Ill Members: Deotis Hickman – (501) 945-2709

Transportation Leader: Howard Jones – (501) 2247-2444

ESBC News Letter: Lavern Jones

Publication Ministry Open

Culinary Ministry Leader: Alice Williams – (501) 897-5240

Usher Ministry Leader: Monica Jones

Mission Ministry Leader: JoAnn Tayborn (501) 835-1510

Young Women’s Ministry: Open

Marriage Ministry Leader: Catricia Carter

VBS Ministry Leader: Erika Evans

Mothers Ministry Leader: Freda Jackson

Minister of Music: Tremain Pearson

Video/Audio Ministry: Mikia Jackson, Calvert Jackson (two), Daniel K. Marshall

Internet Ministry: Daniel K. Marshall

Web Site Ministry: Daniel K. Marshall

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