January Birthdays

Happy Birthday!!

Sister Catina Gilbert – 4th
Brother Ja’Morian S. Jones – 6th
Sister De’Nyiah L. Jones – 9th
Brother Robert Plant Sr. – 11th
Sister Tashia R. Davis – 12th
Sister Caresse Hickman – 12th
Brother Grant Hickman – 12th
Brother Chance Miles – 13th
Brother Charlie Wiley – 19th
Brother Denzel Barns – 21st
Brother Cornillus Hickman – 21st
Brother Marcus Beard – 22nd
Sister Dominique Davis – 22nd
Sister Robyn Hillman – 22nd
Brother Brandon Ewell – 23rd
Sister Frances Marshall – 24th
Brother Mark Wright Jr. – 25th
Sister Ketra L. Griffin – 26th
Sister Taela Value – 27th
Brother Marshall Jones – 28th
Deacon Wilfred Jackson – 31st
Sister Jameah A Mallet – 31st

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